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Available Services

Strategic Planning

Ready to make a plan for the future but don't know where to start? Our team works with organizations of all sizes to facilitate your vision of the future and translate that vision into achievable steps with useful and actionable goals. Whether you want a complex or simple plan, we have the tools to assist you.

Fund Development Strategies

Ideal for not-for-profits and charities, we work with organizations to identify areas for revenue or fund development to create meaningful strategies with actionable implementation steps in order to grow your organization's revenue and ensure your organization has the funds it needs to do even more great work. 

Risk Analysis

Worried about gaps in services or risks to your business? Our team provides a range of risk assessments, from specific to broad organization reviews. This service includes guidance on how to mitigate identified risks with plans broken down into manageable steps for implementation.

Information Management Strategies

We work with organizations of all sizes to apply information management principles to develop strategies to ensure the information your organization needs to succeed is available when you need it.

Business Growth Plans

When you run a business, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day but to be truly successful, you need to be looking ahead. Whether you're just starting up or have been operating for years, it's important to think about your future. A business growth plan focuses your services on where you want to be and ensures you are taking the correct steps to get there. 

Organization Reviews

You've got a strategic plan, you're putting it into action, but something still isn't quite working and you're not sure what it is. Or maybe you just want to make sure your organization is operating the best it can. Our organization reviews dig into the operational side of things to shed light on risks and opportunities, all with an achievable plan to get to where you want to be.


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